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Divine Journey Release Date:


Good Afternoon Players! We are officially launching a Divine Journey Server! This Modpack is a Quest Heavy Modpack! The description of the following is: 

Welcome to Divine Journey!



This is an Expert pack, meaning recipes are much harder and you have one goal to work towards:

"Make Infinite Infinity Ingots"

...achieved by first making one, then putting it in a Creative Strongbox.

This will require a lot of Automation setup and good game knowledge!
Both the Quest Book and the Achievement Book will help you get there.

Travel through all of DivineRPG and 4 other Magic Mods

Linear progression

800 Quests in the Quest Book

300 Achievements in the Achievement Book

...Much like by FTB Infinity Evolved Skyblock and Project Ozone 2

1140 modified recipes

30 craftable Creative Items

[Civilian] neonbro Mtag so is this server live or not if it is where is the server ip?

Welcome Home!

[C.C.O.] Noah C. tag posted Feb 13, 18

Welcome Home

Vice Gaming Network is your home away from home. It's a place to relax, a place to connect with others, and a place to get away for a while. We are committed to providing a simple, well-built server where you can come together with friends, or make new ones, and enjoy an Enhanced Minecraft Experience: Modded Servers!!

On Vice Gaming Network, it's all about coming together and having a good time. We frequently host themed events on our server, but our community stretches beyond just Minecraft. You'll find us hanging out in Discord and even organizing groups for other games. We've welcomed thousands of players from around the globe, and we'd love to welcome you next!

Our goal from the beginning was to keep things simple, so we've only added the plugins that our community requested the most. Our UIE features Land Claiming, Fun Minigames, and Enjoyable Players!

Welcome Back!

[C.C.O.] Noah C. tag posted May 30, 17  -  Minecraft

We're happy to announce that we have revived the old Peek servers running the UIE modpack. These servers should have all of your prior items, warps, homes, etc. saved and ready for use. If you experience any problems with these items, we will try our best to help you recover them. Other than that, the server should be very similar to what it was before. Old staff members from the Peek servers have been invited back and should be familiar to longtime players that were familiar to the old administration. The Vice Gaming Network does not own any part of the modpack that the server runs, we are simply hosting the only servers that have this modpack running. We have the full support of the developer and are looking forward to welcoming everyone back! 

Also please apply here >

You can connect to the server at one of the following IP:

If you have any questions, please feel free to start a new thread on the forums [See the bar menu above] or approach an admin!

We wish you all the best!

Vice Gaming Administration